Who knew there was so much to learn about sofas?

One of the many thoughts that passed through my head when taking part in my Sofology induction was: who knew there was so much to learn about sofas? Let's face it, if you’ve never worked in the furniture industry, you’re not going to know about the different types of cushion filling, or the contrast between serpentine springs and elastic webbing; don't even get me started on the difference between velvet and microfibre fabric.

Despite knowing nothing - except perhaps what designs would look great in my living room - I am now a powerhouse of sofa information. But it didn’t happen overnight. I progressively learnt about the product, the brand and the values - not only through my week long induction but through observing people in their roles.

One thing I learned quickly about Sofology was that my new colleagues truly live the values of the company.

Caring & Committed

I walked into my department on my first day and was warmly greeted by my new colleagues and managers. My first few weeks within the business had been pre-planned and explained to me in a personalised booklet; I knew exactly what was expected to happen day to day and what I would be learning.

I was partnered up with an experienced member of the team and from day one I plied her with questions and queries - she always did her best to answer every single one. Even as a relentless note taker and list maker, I still asked her the same things more than once, but she still assisted me every time.

Progressive & Exceptional

I’m a big believer that the best way to really learn something is to get stuck in and learn first hand - there might be a few mistakes but at least you’re becoming familiar with every process and procedure, so this is exactly what I did! Everyone I came across and learned from within this process was so friendly and incredibly helpful.

Within my team and the wider business I learned that so many people at Sofology are truly experts in their roles. It’s infectious to be part of something where everyone is constantly striving to find new solutions and move forward.

Trusted & Fun

As a business, Sofology is one of the friendliest working environments I have been in. Everyone will say hello and see how you’re getting on - I even had a phone call on my first day from a manager within the business welcoming me to my new role. These are all personal touches that made me feel so welcome and at ease coming into a new company, which sometimes can be a little bit daunting or intimidating.

During my induction we were tasked to build our own sofa, making it as creative as possible out of any of the materials within the room. The team I was part of managed to create a sofa out of some plastic boxes, fibre fillings and some squares of material. We even made a lampshade and added in a rug for effect. This was extremely fun and added in the element of competition between the two teams creating some friendly rivalry!

Sofology’s values as a business are infectious, I definitely think I have lived and breathed them since joining back in January and I can see how they take place in my day to day.