Hi there,

Firstly, thank you so much for choosing Sofology for your recent sofa purchase. We realise that you have a choice and are committed to helping you to feel at home on a sofa you love for the long term.

Unfortunately, I write to you today due to your delivery dates having been delayed by an issue with one of our partner freight forwarders. These are the businesses that handle international goods transportation. Our partner Orient Worldwide, in business for 27 years, have sadly just been placed into administration. This was sadly while handling your goods in transit. This means that our orders have been held temporarily by the administrators and we are working through the legal process to get them released as quickly as possible. We have had progressive release of many orders already and are seeing delays of only a few days, so there is certainly nothing to worry about and your goods will arrive soon. We are however finding that timescales are erratic and difficult to predict, so need to ask for your patience on this issue.

We do build in a time contingency for unforeseen events of this type but as your original delivery date is now at risk, I felt it right to make you immediately aware. It is our aim to offer transparency and to set the right expectations at the earliest opportunity. There is no action needed from you and we will be in contact with a further quick update and or your new date very shortly. Orders will be given delivery dates as soon as they are released.

Clearly this situation is out of our control but we do take full responsibility and will do everything in our power to ensure you wait only a few extra days for your order. We are applying as much pressure as we possibly can to the administrators for Orient and will ensure the fastest possible release.

At Sofology, we know the value of a delivery promise and we know how exciting receiving your new sofa is, so we are devastated as a team to have let you down in this way. Rest assured that our aim will be to leave you “feeling at home on the sofa you love” at the very soonest possible opportunity.

Thank you for your patience and with our sincerest apologies.

Jason Tyldesley CEO