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Blue Etienne fabric sofa

Out of style

Shiny new things can often look great in store. How many times have you looked at that outfit on the model only to get it home and realise that it just doesn’t suit you. It’s just as easy with sofas. Many people fall in love with a sofa in store only to get it delivered later and find it simply doesn’t match the style of their home. Sofa styles can be super versatile but many really do need to be fitted to their environment. Modern sofas and classical homes can truly jar. That’s where your Sofologist can really help and avoid a costly mistake.

Grey fabric sofa set

The black magic of colour

For many of us, colour, what compliments and how to accessorise is somethings we do by trial and error. That’s fine when we’re buying low value items but imagine buying a sofa, one of your biggest value purchases this year, only to find it simply doesn’t go with your walls or floor. Now that’s no a great day. That’s why we display every sofa in an interior designed room set and our sofologists are trained to help with colour that both compliments and matches. Now you can be sure it will look great when you get it home.