A look inside one of our factories

As part of our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, we’re working with all of our suppliers and manufacturing sites to minimise their carbon footprints. We know that you’ll feel more at home knowing that every effort has been made to craft your new sofa without causing harm to the planet we all live on.

Here’s a little look into what one of our factories is doing to limit their impact on the environment.


In a busy manufacturing site it’s no surprise that energy usage can be high. With machinery to run and employees to care for, cutting down on electricity consumption can be tough.

At this site all lighting has been switched to LED bulbs, which are around 80% more efficient than traditional alternatives. The lighting is sensor controlled, meaning these lights are only on when they need to be on.

Renewable energy is also used to minimise environmental impact. For example, water for the taps throughout the site is heated by the sun. Like the lighting, the taps are sensor controlled to eliminate any waste.


Crafting sofas inevitably produces waste - chips of wood, scraps of fabric, plastic packaging. In order to divert as much of this as possible from landfill, the factory endeavours to find new uses for materials that are difficult to recycle.

They turn waste plastic into fleece clothing, sawdust gets a second life as animal bedding, and any waste textiles are made into bean bags.

They even have a ‘charcoal project’ that turns waste wood into bags of charcoal that are available to their employees during the summer months.


Incredibly, this site has not sent any waste to landfill since 2012. They ensure that where something can’t be recycled, it’s reused.

Working with a recycling partner they continue to reduce their impact on the environment by reusing and recycling 100% of the waste produced while crafting the high quality products we’re proud to sell.