A personal note from Jason Tyldesley, CEO of Sofology to the customers who have been affected by the shipping delay we have experienced in the past few days and it's impact on pre-Christmas delivery :

Firstly, we apologise to the small number of customers who have not yet had personal contact with our teams to discuss this delay. For those customers, SMS messaging was used in order to offer the fastest advance warning. We realise that this far from ideal.

It is totally unacceptable that we have let you down in this way with such short notice. Our teams have worked incredibly hard to protect you from this situation and we are devastated to that your delivery will not now be pre-Christmas. To offer some context and to demonstrate that we take our delivery promise to you very seriously, particularly for pre-Christmas, please allow me to explain :

Your order was shipped on a vessel scheduled to dock on the 16th of December. Fixed arrival bookings were made in late November for the orders on that ship to arrive into our UK distribution centres from the 18th of December onward. Delivery dates from the 19th December were then released for you to book your chosen delivery day. Vessel delays in Europe then delayed arrival into Southampton from the 16th to the 20th of December. This 4 day delay had material impact as these ships can take over 2 days to unload and we have limited visibility of the unloading order.

We then started the process to move significant logistics, in order to deliver over 2000 orders on Christmas Eve. It meant moving and adding warehouse, trunker and delivery teams to enable this huge volume in a single day. We tested every possible option to make it happen safely and to prevent a failure to deliver pre-Christmas. Sadly, it became clear that 238 orders would fail for pre-Christmas and these customers were notified immediately as their orders required hub to spoke warehouse movement that would be impossible within the time. We were devastated to fail 238 customers but relieved to be able to deliver over 2000 on Christmas Eve. Our team had saved almost every order.

On the 20th of December, the situation sadly worsened catastrophically. The ship arrived in Southampton, only to be blocked from birthing by another broken down ship. It finally docked at 2:45am on the 21st of December, almost a day late. Our ability to deliver as planned was restricted and we were left delivering in the order of unloading on a first come first served basis. Our teams have worked night and day since and will succeed in delivering the majority of these orders pre-Christmas, if a little late. Your own delivery has very sadly failed to meet it’s pre-christmas expectation. This is due to the fact that our delivery capacity and teams have now reached breaking point for Christmas Eve. We have no further options and can only apologise for the failure. We take full responsibility, though it has been well beyond our control and we have done everything possible to avoid it.

Sofology does not make false promises, ever! We have been faced with an unprecedented and catastrophic issue in this double shipping failure. Your delivery promise was made in absolute good faith and by way of demonstration, orders other than those on this ship have been delivered to our promise. This is of course of no consolation to you, and we appreciate that your own has been fundamentally impacted. For that we are so sorry.

We can only genuinely apologise for letting you down at Christmas. We realise that this is very personal to you and every other customer affected and are working hard to deliver to you as fast as we possibly can. Your sofa will give you many years of comfort and make home a little bit better every day. Sadly this will now start slightly after Christmas. Hopefully you can see it in your heart to forgive us just a little for that. We are so incredibly sorry.

If we haven’t already contacted you personally, we are working to do so and will be in touch very shortly. Our teams are understandably challenged at this very difficult time and we ask that you allow us to reach you, rather than calling into us, as it will speed up the process. Thank you for you patience and please try to enjoy your Christmas.

Kind Regards


Jason Tyldesley

CEO of Sofology