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Wake up less, dream more
Do you wake up several times throughout the night? You’re just one of the many people who experience poor quality, interrupted sleep. The bad news is that interrupted sleep is never as restful as sleeping all night. The good news? Our magic of sleepsystem can change this instantly. Sleepology dramatically reduces movement in bed, creating a much deeper, high quality sleep. This means you’ll wake up less, dream more, and meet the morning feeling refreshed, recharged and ready for a great day, every day.

The end of tossing and turning
Moving in bed is the single biggest cause of broken sleep and is primarily caused by your mattress. Poor support, lack of comfort and being at the wrong temperature all cause fidgeting, tossing and turning. This movement breaks your sleep and, for many, wakes you up. The Sleepology magic of sleep system reduces movement by creating a supportive place to sleep, regulating temperature to stop you getting too hot or too cold and delivering amazing comfort. Less movement means deeper sleep and the end of tossing and turning.

Feet poking out from under a duvet

Getting hot in bed just became fun again
Temperature is one of the biggest reasons for broken sleep. Being too hot or too cold creates movement and risks waking up. For many, getting too hot in bed is a source of endless frustration, causing hours of lost sleep. At Sleepology, it's our mission to reduce the number of times we wake through the night -  that's why our magic of sleep” system has Sleepology temperature regulation gel embedded.

This patented material actively conducts the heat away from your body, keeping you at just the right temperature all night long. This means that your sleep is deeper, less interrupted and that you wake up feeling more refreshed. Now you can save getting hot in bed for the fun stuff and stay cool and relaxed all night long.

Alarm clock

Don't forget to set your alarm
Are you one of those people who wakes up through the night and is always awake before their alarm? Sleeping lightly and not getting your much-needed restful sleep? We've all envied those who can sleep soundly through until their alarm goes off - that is, until now. Customers who invested in the Sleepology "magic of sleep" system have reported sleeping all the way through their alarms for the first time in their lives. Deep sleep leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead and there's no better sign that you're getting more of it than sleeping through your alarm.

I sed to be a light sleeper

"I can hear a pin drop" is a common cry among people who struggle to get enough sleep. Creaking houses, wind and rain all contribute to repeatedly waking throughout the night. It can be incredibly frustrating and affects your quality of sleep. With Sleepology, sleep will be deeper, meaning you'll be less likely to be disturbed by noises, waking less often for fewer breaks in your sleep. Customers who have never slept deeply have now reported sleeping right through their alarms.

Don't forget to set your alarm

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? For many people who struggle to sleep, it's actually drifting off that causes the most stress. Closing your eyes and hoping to sleep can be the most frustrating experience possible. Due to the immediate comfort and perfect support of
the "magic of sleep" system customers have reported falling to sleep almost instantly. Even those who normally have to count sheep or similar, have found that falling asleep has become easier and more relaxed. The faster you fall asleep, the more sleep you'll get. Counting sheep is now a thing of the past.