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Introducing your exciting new sofa

With Sofology, delivery is not just delivery. Once installed in the room of your choice, it's time to get fully aqainted. Your "introducers" will fully inspect your furniture with you, followed by taking the time to explain both maintenance and care to keep it looking good for longer. Our goal as always is for you to feel at home on a sofa you love, and with the simple hints and tips you'll receive on delivery, that's almost guaranteed. Feel free to ask any questions you need to as our "introducers" are fully trained in all aspects of your new furniture. 

How will I know it's you?

As part of the service, you'll normally recieve a call from the driver the night before who will introduce him or herself and give you a human point of contact. We find that it really helps in ensuring that there's no mistakes on arrival times and helps with any queries you may have. You'll also usually get a call or two during the day of delivery and will be immediately informed of any delays along the way so you can plan your day better. 

Take it away Sofology

Have an old sofa to be removed? By far the best way is to call the local authority who will normally remove it free of charge. There are also several charities that will come and collect it for you. We are happy to help though, and as a last resort and for a small charge we can remove it for you on the day of delivery.

Sofologist removing an old sofa