Comfort Favourites - What does comfort feel like?

Comfy sofas

What does comfort feel like?

Comfort favourites
soft and luxurious, balanced comfort & firm and supportive

The way your sofa looks is important - but how it feels is important too.

We understand it’s hard to know if your dream sofa is as comfy as it looks (we promise it is!). What a picture can’t tell you is how comfortable the cushions are, how supportive the back feels or if you’ll love curling up on the seats every day.

We craft comfort into all of our sofas, but, to give you a little guidance, we’ve created a collection of cosy sofas that have been chosen as Comfort Favourites by our customers. These styles are customer approved, tried and trusted in people’s homes for their comfort level and quality. Big, small and in between, see our most comfortable sofas below. 


Not too soft but not too firm, this sofa is a cosy middle ground that will keep the whole family happy. The seat cushions are perfectly balanced for comfort and support.

These seats are super soft for that ‘sink-in’ kind of comfort. The most luxurious option, these squishy cushions are less supportive but feel extra cosy.

If you like to feel as though you’re sitting ‘on’ a cushion, rather than sinking into it, you’ll love the feel of this firm and supportive sofa.

Soft and Luxurious

Our cosiest kind of comfort, with seats you'll sink in to.

Super squishy but less supportive than other options.

Needs a little extra care (plump seats to keep them looking great).

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Balanced Comfort

A middle ground that will keep the whole family happy.

Not too soft and not too firm, supportive but still super comfy.

Easy to look after cushions that only need plumping once a week.

Firm and Supportive

Feels like you're sitting ‘on’ a cushion instead of sinking in to it.

Comfortable seats that are firm enough to get on and off the sofa easily.

Very low maintenance and easy to look after.

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