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Better decisions come with time...

Regret is a thing of the past at Sofology. Our stores are perfect for spending time choosing and trying things out. They have private spaces where you can sit and relax and get a feel for your new sofa without the rush to buy. Your sofologist will help when necessary and leave you to chill when you need it. Take your time, decide today, tomorrow or next week. It's about making the right decision.

The prices are always low

Some say we're mad and other that we're geniuses, we'll leave that for you to decide but our prices start low and stay low permanently. That means we don't raise them to later create a discount in a sale and we don't put them up after the bank holiday. We use our buying power to buy at the lowest cost and we pass the savings on to you through always low prices. We like to think of it as what value is really about. A better sofa at a better price and by the way every sofa is exclusive.