Sogaglide slid, clean, relax

Slide, Clean, Relax

Your Sofology sofa is built to last - and that’s why it’s not that easy to move. It’s a solid piece of furniture and, once it’s in your home, it can be tricky to move around. This means that when you decide you’d like to play with your space and rearrange your living room, it’s often a struggle to shift your sofa from one spot to another. It makes cleaning tricky too. How much easier would vacuuming behind and under the sofa be if you could simply slide your sofa out of the way?

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That’s exactly why Sofaglide was created. Designed to work on carpet, wood or other flooring, adding Sofaglide to the feet of your sofa means it’ll effortlessly slide across your floor when you want it to - but only when you want it to.

Pull your sofa away from the wall while you clean underneath, or slide it across to the other side of the room to give your space a new look. And when you’re done, you can curl up in the seats and your sofa won’t move an inch.

If you choose to add Sofaglide to your order, our delivery drivers will fit them to the feet of your furniture before they leave, so you can concentrate on relaxing and feeling at home on a sofa you love.