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Don't let a stain or scratch ruin your sofa.

Spill once and you see it forever. Those annoying little marks are gone for good. How often do you eat and drink on your sofa? Statistically almost all of us do it several times a week and for lots of us it’s the kids too. At Sofology it’s our mission to leave you feeling at home on a sofa you love, so we got to thinking about those accidental little marks, stains and scratches that will inevitably appear. You know, the ones you see out of the corner of your eye that mean your sofa is never the same again, and with those in mind we created Sofashield.

Just call them any time for the first 5 years up to the value of your sofa to get professional help.

We designed Sofashield with the thought that this might happen in the first 5 years. We’re not saying you’re not careful, we’re saying that it’s a fact of life and if you don’t have Sofashield, so is living with small marks on your sofa. That’s why you can call them out as many times as you need them for the first 5 years up to the value of your sofa.

What if they can’t repair the damage? We thought of a plan for that.

There’s not much point in buying something that only works when you stain your sofa with something nice. What about the horrid stuff or scratches that tear your fabric or leather? Don’t panic! These guys are good but for everything else they will replace the damaged parts or even replace the item if needed. Now you didn’t expect that did you?

That’s only £39 per seat for fabric or leather.

Living with little marks is just not us and in 5 years we’d expect to see quite a few on our sofa. Eating and drinking a few times a week means that spilling or scratching a few times a year is pretty much a dead cert. Price it up and you’ll find that a single call out could cost as much as Sofashield. With Sofashield if they can’t remove it they replace the part or whole sofa. Which cleaning service will do that?

Can I purchase Sofashield for my current sofa?

We knew you’d ask that.

Sofashield has been created for Sofology sofas only and is available for purchase at any time up to delivery of your new sofa. After that you’re on your own.