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Love the leather look?

All of our leather sofas are made from natural hides that are warm, breathable and comfortable to sit on. We carefully select them, may treat them for added durability, and then they’re stitched together to create stunning sofa designs that can create contemporary or classic, timeless looks. Our cosy leather sofas come in a range of shades and styles to help you complement or contrast your interior decor.

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Our leather sofas are carefully designed to be warm, supple and cosy, with different levels of protection across Trusty, Relaxed and Character leather, with each one offering a different look and feel we know you’ll love.

Trusty Leather
Trusty Leather

A go-to choice for busy families who love natural leather, this trusty durable option is easy-care and protected against stains. Available in 4 finishes; sheen, matt, soft and embossed.

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Relaxed Leather

Cosy and soft, you can relax on this leather with light protection for added durability. Just give it a little care to keep it at its best. Available in 3 finishes; sheen, matt and embossed.

Character leather icon
Character leather

This soft, untreated leather is almost completely untouched, with all its lovely natural features on show. Each piece is one of a kind and this leather will change over time. Take extra care to keep it looking great.


Take care

Some of our leather sofas are more durable, whereas some are left untreated so the natural characteristics of the hide can shine. All of our leather sofas need a little regular care to stay looking great, so check out our blog Sofological for tips on keeping your sofa beautiful. Need a leather care kit? Contact us over the phone or in store to add one to your sofa order.


Order your swatches

Found a leather you like? With fast delivery in just 3 days, our swatch service is available across all of our ranges, so you can order your free swatches and experience the look and feel of a sofa before you make a decision.

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From corners and recliners to sofa beds and chairs, we’ve got a wide range of leather sofa sizes and styles to suit your home.

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Recliner sofas buying guide

Nothing beats the comfort of a recliner leather sofa. Relax at the perfect angle from upright through to almost horizontal on one of our cosy leather power recliners.


Corner sofas buying guide

Stretch out and relax on a leather corner sofa, and enjoy more room for the whole family to unwind. We can help you find the perfect corner sofa to suit your home.

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