Apprenticeships are a great way to begin your career - but also a brilliant method of changing your career after several years in an industry. In partnership with Code Nation we’ve just commenced our first ever Software Developer apprenticeships, hiring people from outside of Sofology and offering the opportunity to existing Sofologists as well. Read on to find out about their experiences as they begin their journeys into Software Development.


Dylan Atkinson - Junior Developer Apprentice

Starting his career with Sofology in Direct Sales, Dylan quickly moved from his initial role as an Online WebChat Sales Consultant into Direct Sales Team Administrator. However, Dylan always had a passion for software development that began as a teenager, so when the opportunity came for him to do the Code Nation apprenticeship, he seized it with both hands.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

For me, at 30 years old, an apprenticeship provides an ideal opportunity to learn a new skill whilst earning money, with ongoing support from a learning provider and Sofology. It gives me the opportunity to gain real-world experience directly related to the skills I’m learning. It felt like apprenticeships weren’t easy to come by when I was younger, especially in IT, so this opportunity made sense for me.

Was securing the apprenticeship difficult?

After I registered my interest in the apprenticeship I was selected to go on an assessment day with Code Nation and Sofology. There were a number of candidates competing for a limited number of positions, so in some ways it was similar to an interview, however it didn’t feel pressured at all. After the assessment day I was told that I had been successful and my new journey began. The process was smooth and efficient and I had support on hand to help me through it.

What are the top three benefits you have experienced, thanks to your apprenticeship?

I’d say that currently I’m at the beginning of the journey so I expect this list to grow as I continue learning and developing in the role. I’d say currently the three benefits I’ve had are:

  • Real world experience relevant specifically to my workplace and knowledge of best practice to apply to any future roles.
  • Being able to learn whilst I earn even though I’m 30 - not many people associate apprenticeships with people my age.
  • Having a role “waiting” after the initial learning period, where I’ll gain vital hands-on experience in an industry-leading company.

I’m really looking forward to completing the learning period and being able to start working in the IT department at Sofology permanently.


Georgia Menarry - Junior Developer Apprentice

Having only just joined Sofology with our Code Nation apprenticeship, Georgia is still getting to grips with both Sofology and her new learning journey, but she’s approached the scheme with great optimism.

Were you always interested in a career in Software Development?

Yes, I always had a keen interest in the field, and pursued mini-online courses to help develop my subject knowledge. However, this doesn’t compare to the apprenticeship I’m on now, as the teaching aspect and learning from experts in the field is just far and away better than anything I have done before. Starting this apprenticeship has given me an even bigger passion for software development, because I have more resources than ever to help me develop my skills.

Has doing the apprenticeship helped with your confidence?

Definitely - although the scheme didn’t require any previous experience in the field, to have been given this opportunity and to have been chosen out of so many deserving candidates has boosted my confidence enormously, and made me want to push myself further. Every day I go to Code Nation with confidence knowing that today I’ll be learning something new from experts and will develop new skills as I progress.

How have you juggled your learning and work effectively?

I did an apprenticeship with a previous employer and found that the experience of balancing working and learning to be very difficult. However, with Sofology this process seems far easier. With the Code Nation apprenticeship, they separate the core learning from the hands on work in a really effective way. Having 12 weeks to focus on learning before transitioning into the workplace gives me the ability to properly balance my work and my learning - I love how well it’s managed with this scheme.


Aaron Beaven - Junior Software Developer

Working at Sofology for over a year has given Aaron a full immersion into Sofology’s values and ways of working. Having started his career in our Customer Support department, Aaron jumped at the opportunity to move into Software Development, something he’d been interested in since he finished studying IT at college.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I opted to apply for the Code Nation apprenticeship because having worked at Sofology for over a year, I knew that the process would be smooth and I’d get plenty of support on my journey. I knew this would be a great opportunity to let my career progress and learn some very valuable skills. I’ve been interested in going into software development since I finished college, so this was a fantastic opportunity that came up for me.

Has doing the apprenticeship helped with your confidence?

Starting the scheme has given me a real sense of purpose because I’m now doing something that I’m passionate about. Although starting to learn again after a break from education has come with challenges, the structure of the course has allowed me to work and learn at my own pace and grow in confidence day by day. What’s more, being able to do the apprenticeship alongside my colleagues has been invaluable, as it’s given us the opportunity to bond.

What are the top three benefits you’ve experienced thanks to your apprenticeship?

As I’ve only just begun my apprenticeship journey, I’m feeling optimistic as to what the future holds and what I will gain from the course. However, already I’ve already experienced the following benefits from starting the scheme:

  • I’ve gained valuable skills in a growing market. IT and Software Development are going to keep expanding and it’s great to be a part of it.
  • I feel a greater sense of inclusion now - I feel like I’m part of a larger project and I can’t wait to get started at Sofology after the learning weeks.
  • I’ve gained a lot of confidence from doing this course, I feel more confident in my abilities and I feel comfortable being back in a learning environment.