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Our Sofologists come from all walks of life. We embrace and appreciate the variety of skills that are developed in previous careers and at other companies, that can result in exceptional performance when you join as a Sofologist.

At Sofology, we support both current and prospective Sofologists in finding the right role for them - whether it means transferring from another department or transitioning from one career to another.

With this in mind, we’re highlighting four Sofologists who began their careers working in the makeup and cosmetics industry - transitioning into the world of furniture retail with Sofology to take the next step in their lives. Read on to find out more.

Emma Cadman, Retail Sales Advisor

“I worked in the beauty industry for 7 years before coming to Sofology. Although the products I originally championed were a world away from sofas, the techniques and people skills I developed transitioned perfectly once I began working at the Stockton Sofology Store. I was used to talking and interacting with people every single day, and this helped me enormously when I started to help our customers feel at home on a sofa they loved.

Moving to Sofology made me realise that dealing with customers in any retail environment isn’t massively different. Usually, there are people seeking professional advice, people who would come and ask me for exactly what they need or people who know exactly what was right for them. In the world of cosmetics, I had individual targets to achieve and team targets - this was the same in Sofology, I was tracked on my performance and offered help and support where necessary.

Coming to work for Sofology gave me a chance at a different career that was just as rewarding as my previous role, and I felt that I transitioned with ease. I quickly understood the structure of the company - the core values and principles that make Sofology unique. I’m really enjoying working at Sofology and I can see a bright future ahead for me at the Stockton Store.”

Hannah Crawford, Talent and Learning Advisor

“Having recently joined Sofology, my journey has been both challenging and engaging, with plenty of hard work and fun in equal measure. So far, I’ve been getting to grips with my new role and finding my way within the People Team, but I’ve already seen and helped others with their progression. I’m now aiming to have more responsibility and contribute more to various projects around the business.

I was attracted to the role by the new challenges it presented. Working on cosmetics counters for 2 and a half years helped develop my people skills - something I could transfer to my role as a Talent and Learning Advisor at Sofology. I’m heavily involved in recruiting new Sofologists, as well as running training and workshop sessions.

At Sofology, I feel like a person and not a number, being valued and respected in my role. Recognition plays a big part in my role, and I love that feedback is always forthcoming. I’m now waking up to a role that gives me drive, allowing me to truly feel at home in a career I love.”

Hannah Hussein, Direct Sales Advisor

“I’ve worked at Sofology for almost 5 years now, working as a makeup artist prior to my career move. I gained a multitude of skills in the cosmetics industry, from expert product knowledge to the people skills I use in my role as a Direct Sales Advisor. My journey with Sofology began with a recommendation from my mum, who was a successful store manager - I initially worked in several stores across the North West, helping our customers find a sofa they loved.

I then transitioned to Head Office, and have worked in Direct Sales ever since. Involving a combination of both customer service and sales skills, my role is diverse and rewarding, allowing me the freedom to offer advice and guidance over the phone to customers looking for the right sofa for them.

The immense feeling of family that I get working at Sofology, as well as an atmosphere of development and encouragement, is something I didn’t always feel before working at Sofology. Both a rewarding salary and good work-life balance encourages me to strive for continual improvement, and I love that our aim is to help our customers feel at home on a sofa they love - it’s something that truly sets us apart as an organisation.”

Cassie Rimmer, Webchat Team Leader

“Working as a makeup artist for several premium concessions brands, I progressed from a Beauty Advisor to Account Manager whilst working in a range of high street stores. After learning sales skills and exceeding targets in my role, I felt that I wanted a new challenge that would improve my skill set, and Sofology seemed like the right place for me to do this.

Initially working in a Sofology store, I decided to move to Head Office to work in our Direct Sales Team. After I found my feet, I was directly supported by senior management, who encouraged my progression and drive to become a Team leader. Since getting the role, I haven’t looked back.

I enjoy my job immensely, working with a great team of people who have all contributed to the growth of the department. Having come so far in my career at Sofology, I’ve recently transitioned into leading the Webchat Department, where I’m now accountable for a much larger team - a testament to the progression opportunities available in the company. I’m grateful to everyone who’s helped me along the way, especially the People Team, putting me in a position where I can truly make a difference in finding our customers a sofa they love.”