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We don't waste time inventing offers?

Creating offers is a big business. And it works! By creating a sale or promotion and reducuing a price, lots of people shop and lots of people buy faster. That means many retailers love it and make more money as a result. The big news is that on balance you the customer, don't pay less either, so it's a win win for the retailers. Sofology on the other hand love it when you win too and we found that the time we could spend moving prices up and down, was time we could spend adding value to what you get. You know, getting more for less. We found that if we spend that time finding better sofas, helping with the choices and stopped the rushing, that the result was happier customers. Better still we found that they recommended more people too.

It's like a sale every day!

We start our prices low and keep them low, it just seems easier that way

The great thing is that we have been able to offer unreal value ever since. By taking away all the misleading offers and keeping the costs way down, we have been able to consistently give more for less. More sofa for your money and more service too. There's no rushing or deadlines, there's no prices going up and down like YoYos. There's just great sofas at great prices and help making the best decisions.