In support of Breast Cancer Now

From the 13th of October to the 1st of November 2022, we’ve partnered with Pennies, the digital charity box, so our customers can donate an amount that works for them whenever they place a sofa order - these donations will help to support the vital work that Breast Cancer Now does.

Who is Breast Cancer Now?

Breast Cancer Now is a charity that’s steered by world-class research and powered by life-changing care. They’re there for anyone affected by breast cancer, the whole way through, providing support for today and hope for the future.

Although huge progress is being made, thousands of people still lose their lives to breast cancer every year and hundreds of thousands more need support to deal with the physical and emotional impacts of the disease.

Breast Cancer Now believes that if we act now, we can change the future of breast cancer and make sure that, by 2050, everyone diagnosed with the disease lives – and is supported to live well.

How your donations help

£10 could buy essential lab equipment for Breast Cancer Now researchers.

£30 could give a person with breast cancer the support they need through the BCN Helpline.

£50 could buy 500 leaflets to doctor’s surgeries in the UK to promote breast checking.

Your donation will help to make sure that both world-class research takes place and life-changing care and support is given to those who so desperately need it.